History Parallels

1st image: 1967 Newark Riots

2nd image: 2014 Ferguson Protests

3rd image: 1964 Harlem Riots

4th image: 2014 Ferguson Protests

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Today in Solidarity: Family of Mike Brown join protesters outside of STL Courthouse, demanding the immediate arrest of their son’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson.

The grand jury has yet to charge Darren Wilson with anything. Mike Brown’s killer is still a free man, being paid by the taxpayers of the very community he’s terrorized. #staywoke #farfromover

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PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO AND REBLOG! I just want to use my freedom of speech to tell everyone about a low-key college that not many people know about. In college, rape happens quite frequently when the dean of a school lets students with gang murder charges, sexual assault, assault, and any type of criminal background go to this school with a 100% acceptance rate, New Mexico Highlands University.

When too many criminals are put in one school just because they are so desperate for any type of income and/or a good sports team, the students’ safety are in danger. That is why the college denies it and covers it up. Crime statistics here are thought to be false. Schools that are 4th tier aka low income, low graduation rate, low GPA average, high drop out rate, and highest STD rate are so desperate for money because nobody wants to go there after all the stuff put in the news about the school that they are willing to let ANYONE in, as I previously said NMHU has a 100% acceptance rate for these reasons.

I have had friends who have been raped and assaulted here and I have personally been assaulted. The dean showed no sympathy and did nothing about it. Many girls ended up dropping out of this school and their half-completed education went to waste because nothing is getting done about it. Help spread the word!!!





And this school has gotten sued for racial and sexual discrimination multiple times



This is awful. Please reblog to spread the word about this college that is doing illegal things by trying to cover things like this up - the more outrage there is, the more likely it is that something will be done about it.

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Nah, they just got older and got jobs as your local law enforcement and government officials.

They raised children and grandchildren who think exactly like them. 

And the children and grandchildren of these terrorists are continuing their work, giving us hell on our jobs and in college courses, even to our babies on the playground.

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Sept. 9 6:47pm


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I’m just gonna… leave these tweets here…

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But remember when they used drones to find Dorner within a few days? 


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Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

August 30th.

Remember, this is still happening…

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Stop blaming black children for their own murders. STOP BLAMING BLACK CHILDREN FOR THEIR OWN MURDERS. Stop blaming black children for their own goddamn fucking murders. Stop blaming black children for their own murders. 

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